Using Flooring Design to Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Home

Using Flooring Design to Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Home

Home designers know that no two rooms need to have identical flooring materials, which gives them plenty of opportunities for design experimentation. Mixing materials can produce striking effects – tile and wood in the bathroom or carpet and hardwood in the living room are among many possibilities.

Consumers tend to gravitate towards patterns and textures that evoke natural materials like marble veining or even more subtle nods, like wood grain striations or even terrazzo designs featuring chips of stone.


Floor color plays a powerful role in how we perceive and experience space. While trends come and go, understanding which colours and patterns evoke specific emotions can help guide your decision for selecting the best flooring choice for your home.

Blue hues have long been known to promote feelings of calm and relaxation, while red stimulates brain activity, inspiring energy and creativity – perfect for commercial environments like salesrooms.

Consider other elements such as cabinets when selecting your flooring color. Coordinating their hue can make the room seem larger; however, be wary of choosing identical hues as this could create an eye-catching clash that detracts from its overall aesthetic.


Trends come and go, but flooring patterns and color have an immense effect on our minds and behavior. Therefore, selecting an impressive pattern is essential to creating an awe-inspiring wood floor that’s sure to leave an impressionful lasting impression.

A grid floor pattern is simple to implement using tiles or planks, creating a uniform appearance for your space. Or try herringbone for something a bit different by installing planks at different angles.

The weave vinyl floor pattern is ideal for tiles and planks alike, featuring different woven styles for maximum impact. Choose between one-color variations for more dramatic design statements or two-toned options for an eye-catching display.

Named for a French city, this elegant patchwork pattern will bring artistic flare to any room in your home. Its chessboard-esque effect becomes even more stunning when framed with different strip colors or wood grain variations; making this an excellent option for more traditional or formal homes.


Texture adds depth and warmth to interior spaces. Texture can be achieved using wall art, decorative elements, rugs and carpets as well as architectural components like crown moulding and tray ceilings.

Texture also affects weight and how an object feels; rougher textures have heavier, denser feels than their smooth, reflective counterparts.

When choosing flooring, texture should always be an important consideration. For instance, if you prefer more customisable finishes to your floors then there are numerous textures such as hand-scraped, distressed and wire-brushed wood available to choose from.

Rough textures such as natural stone and weathered wood make great choice for flooring and walls to give a room an authentic, homey feel, while velvet and silk bring luxuriousness into the mix.


Flooring materials should be an essential element in design projects, affecting costs associated with use, installation and maintenance as well as aesthetics and how the floor feels to touch.

Warehouses require hard-wearing material that can easily be cleaned to maintain a hygienic environment, as well as being strong enough to support heavy industrial racking systems and provide good slip resistance. Modern materials with more advanced characteristics are now available that meet these criteria.

Wood flooring provides residential spaces with a diverse selection of textures that can help complete a room’s decor. Reclaimed wood can feature uneven scrapes and wear to give an aged appearance; other textures may include distressed, hand-scraped and wire-brushed finishes which create unique patterns which add character. Wood flooring is an effective way to boost visual appeal while softening underfoot feel, creating the ultimate visual experience!