4 Best Maintenance Tips for Your Brick Masonry

4 Best Maintenance Tips for Your Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is a classic construction material that has been known to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are used today also to have that elegant structure design. If you want to keep your brick structure lasting longer, you should not only rely on its natural durability. Instead, you should also make sure that you apply the proper maintenance to the masonry work. To help you maintain your brick masonry, here are the best tips that could help you:

  1. Do not use harsh cleaning products.

Routine washing of your brick walls is common and necessary. Especially when you see dirt and stain up close, you may initially think about using cleaning methods that would remove these unpleasant problems. However, make sure that you choose the right cleaning solutions. First, spot-check if your brick wall can handle the cleaning solution. Otherwise, this can ruin the natural look of your brick masonry. Also, if you notice chipping paintwork and would like to remove them, do not use sandblasting for this purpose. This method is not ideal because it can strip away the top layer of the bricks, which is significant in protecting the bricks and making them durable. If you want to use the proper cleaning solution, ask your masonry contractors for some suggestions.

  1. Remove mold and mildew growth in your brick walls.

The side of your structure that does not get enough sunlight or is close to wet vegetation is at risk of mold, moss, or mildew. Since this cannot be avoided because of their placement and exposure to water, what you can do is remove or clean them before they even start infesting the entire wall. You can simply use water with a small amount of bleach and a bristle brush to scrub the affected area. Make sure not to use a wire brush, as it can destroy the top layer of your brick mason.

  1. Avoid tide or salt line build-up due to water damage

Water exposure does not only result in molds but also tide line build-up. This is a build-up of salt left behind by rising water when brick walls become soaked. If you leave this uncleaned for a long time, your brick masonry may deteriorate. Simple use bristle brush and diluted trisodium phosphate in warm water. Then, scrub the salt line off.

  1. Know when the damage requires professional repairs

Prolonged water exposure can cause your brick walls to crack, become crumbly, or develop holes. Cracks can negatively affect the foundation of your structure, so it is essential to address them as soon as you notice them. When you have failed to see them or do the appropriate maintenance to prevent them from worsening, it may be too late for you to resolve this on your own. Instead, you may need the help of professional masonry contractors Charleston to resolve the issues. They may provide you with tuckpointing or repointing services. But of course, it will depend on the result of their inspections. They will advise you on what is best to bring your brick masonry back to life.