Furniture For Rent

Furniture For Rent

When furnishing a new apartment, you may be on a tight budget and wish to save money by renting furniture instead of purchasing it outright.

Renting furniture gives you the freedom to switch up your decor as needed. For instance, if you’re transitioning from a two-room to three-bedroom apartment, using furniture rentals allows for the exact aesthetic you desire now without waiting for permanent pieces to arrive.

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CORT is the leading rental furniture provider in America. They offer an expansive selection of residential, office and event furnishings to rent.

CORT offers move-in-ready packages and furniture carefully chosen by their team to help you create a space you love. Plus, they offer student and military discounts to make it even more budget friendly!

If you’re off to university, CORT provides furniture for rent with all the flexibility and student discounts you need to create a space tailored to your style. Or if moving as part of your military family is on the agenda, CORT’s military packages will make moving feel like home without breaking the bank.

CORT offers the corporate furniture solutions your business needs to grow and develop with it. Create an environment that inspires clients while increasing employee productivity – let CORT bring your vision to life with the perfect corporate furniture rental near Aberdeen today!


CasaOne has been in the rental furniture space long enough to know its top sellers. Their selection of on-demand rental options ranges from several hundred up to several thousand dollars per month, giving customers plenty of choices. High rollers who take advantage of Cost Effective Gaming offer a surprisingly seamless experience, including a dedicated account manager, efficient order management system and user friendly digital dashboard. The company’s offerings are completed with an impressive customer service team and comprehensive warranty program. In fact, its patented furniture replacement scheme has been praised as a model of stewardship within the industry. Furthermore, there are only a few companies in America offering such an offer.


Feather is a furniture rental company that provides customers with stylish pieces to rent. Customers have the freedom to pick from an array of styles and make budget-friendly monthly payments.

This is an ideal option for those who don’t want to commit for the long haul or are uncertain how long they will live in their home. Plus, customers have the flexibility to alter their style or design over time.

Feather offers a slightly pricier selection of furniture than CORT, emphasizing trendy and eye-catching pieces at comparable prices to other rental companies.


Brook is an excellent furniture rental company that provides a vast selection of options to suit any taste. What’s more, they’re environmentally friendly which is always an added bonus!

They provide free delivery and assembly, flexible lease terms, as well as the freedom to exchange or return furniture at any time.

Their selection is vast, encompassing everything from living room and dining sets to office furniture. Additionally, they carry a selection of kitchen and bath essentials.

Brook is the second-largest (and solely privately held) provider of domestic “rent-to-rent” furniture services. Their clientele includes corporate and individual customers in major U.S. markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Atlanta; plus they provide home staging and corporate relocation solutions.