Village House YouTube Videos – The Most Popular Design Types of Indian Village Homes

Village House YouTube Videos – The Most Popular Design Types of Indian Village Homes

Looking for simple home design in village? This is a perfect solution for those who are fed up with their regular home designs. In such cases a simple home design in village offers you the best solution. Also, it is a good idea to stick to such a design as once you start changing things around, it is obvious that you would have to change your entire life too. So, why risk all that when you can stay simple?

There are many different simple home designs in village which are known to work well for every person and family. It is important to note that there is no strict definition of a simple home design plan; rather, it is more of a loose idea. However, such home plans include simple designs which are simple in nature with a minimum use of fancy patterns. In this article we will discuss some simple home designs in village, which you might like to consider for your very own house. So, without further ado, let us begin!

One of the simplest designs for a village house is the hipped roofs. Such a home design is great if you are searching for something which is simple yet trendy. Usually, such a design features a flat roof which tapers at its tip to form a graceful fan-like shape, while the rest of the roof is gently sloped to the sides with gradual slopes.

Next on our list is an open roof structure. Such a structure is known to be very simple as it does not feature any delicate curves and twists. Usually, such a building is constructed with simple materials such as bricks, cement or tiles. A typical Indian village home usually features an open roof structure, which is more suited for a large open space. Such structures give you an opportunity to enjoy the nature’s bounty, especially during the long months of winter. You can make use of the natural light by installing a skylight in the interior.

Another common type of Indian village design is that of the lean to construction. Also known as the casement construction, such a structure has the shape of an L – curve. The entire roof, except for the tip is lean to the sides. These provide you with a wonderful view of the surroundings since they lean to the sides and are generally placed on top of other structures, which you may build adjacent to your house. An interesting thing about the lean to construction is that most people consider it as an eco-friendly design, since it reduces the building footprint to a minimum.

And last but not the least, there is also the rustic look of the traditional cottage and bungalow. This very common type of architecture was most likely seen during the British colonization in India. Many of these houses and bungalows still stand, and since they are so popular among the people who used them, many of them now form the basis for the village style home youtube videos. The architectural details are often quite elaborate, and you can observe how they were fashioned by one of the most famous colonial architects of all time.