Top 5 Bathroom Hand Pipes

Top 5 Bathroom Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are one of the most convenient items for stoners. Not only are they stylish and portable, but their simple functionality also makes them easily transportable from place to place.

Alfred Dunhill made use of this white spot on his pipe stems as a practical measure in 1912. Due to their handcrafted vulcanite construction, clients sometimes became confused as to which side was up; adding this white spot solved this issue.


Steamrollers are long cylinders equipped with a bowl at their top, an external carburetor at one end, and an inlet for a mouthpiece on the other end – perfect for quick, powerful operation! Many appreciate them due to their easy use.

Steamrollers are ideal for smokers looking for an upgrade from spoon pipes, while remaining user-friendly. Although not recommended as a starting point, as their high hits may prove too strong for newcomers.

Steamrollers, typically constructed of borosilicate glass (commonly referred to as scientific glass), offer greater durability and are less likely to break than standard glasses. Their sleek design also allows more airflow through, cooling smoke before reaching your lungs for an effective hit without harsh draws.

Some steamrollers also include keck clip-attached bowls for ease of loading and unloading, making the experience faster. Furthermore, glass feet help prevent your pipe from rolling away on tablestop surfaces.


Bubblers provide the same high-quality smoking experience of bongs while remaining more portable. Their compact structure is easy to tuck away into pockets or bags for on-the-go smoke sessions, with reduced scent compared to spoon pipes or one-hitters. In addition, bubblers typically boast larger bowl packs than some of their competitors; thus enabling more hits before needing refilling or reloading your device.

As a heavy smoker, it’s wise to regularly clean your bubbler to maintain freshness and optimal performance. Simply mix coarse salt with warm water and isopropyl alcohol before submerging your bubbler for at least 30 minutes in this solution before shaking to dislodge any dirt from its hiding places before using a pipe cleaner to eliminate any remaining grime or bacteria buildup.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are one of the classic handheld pipes most people think of when they hear “hand pipe”. Contoured like a spoon, these portable and easy to use pipes offer great airflow while remaining portable for use anywhere you may go.

Spoon pipes are often made of glass and can be customized to reflect an individual’s personal style or aesthetic preferences through custom decoration or engraving. Some spoon pipes also include a carburetor hole on one side of their bowl that allows users to control airflow during inhalation by covering and releasing.

Glass spoon pipes with wide enough bowls should hold enough dry herbs or tobacco for one smoking session without overpacking the chamber, which could restrict draw. Lightly tamping down packed material also helps ensure even combustion, producing stronger hits with flavorful aroma.


One-hitter hand pipes are small handheld pipes designed to contain just enough cannabis for one hit, typically made of glass or metal and featuring mouthpiece and bowl on opposing ends of a tube-shaped body. One-hitters can be used either alone or as part of an entire dugout set.

One-hitter pipes offer many advantages when it comes to controlling cannabis intake. You can take smaller and more precise hits that allow you to keep an exact tab of how much weed you are smoking, preventing too many hits that cause head buzziness.

One-hitters also tend to produce less of an odor as their smoke goes directly into your lungs, unlike other methods which disperse it into the surrounding air and may attract unwanted attention. Regular maintenance should include using hot water for rinsing before covering it in isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). Salt may help dissolve resin that builds up over time.