Kitchen Cabinet Styles – Choosing the Perfect Look

Kitchen Cabinet Styles – Choosing the Perfect Look

Finding the ideal kitchen cabinets is essential to creating a stunning design. Explore your options regarding types and styles available for your remodel project.

Flat wall cabinets feature an elegant minimalist aesthetic that works beautifully in modern and contemporary environments. Their flat front doors also showcase your hardware (knobs and drawer pulls).

Specialty shaker cabinets provide an alternative take on the classic shaker style, featuring a recessed center panel containing clean lines for an updated appearance that works in transitional and contemporary kitchen settings. They are an increasingly popular choice.

Shaker Style

Shaker cabinets offer timeless style. Inspired by religious group known as Shakers who valued simplicity and utility in their cabinetry design. Shaker doors boast minimalist appearance which remains classic over time; plus they can even be stained or painted to suit your personal taste.

White cabinets are an elegant choice, but other colors can create a strikingly different aesthetic. Jess of Glamour Nest used a vibrant acid green paint on her shaker cabinets to bring some unexpected vibrancy into her kitchen space.

Cherry wood cabinets are another popular choice for shaker cabinets, though it may not withstand heavy usage. To help your new shaker kitchen withstand time and use, choose durable materials like Maple or Birch instead – both feature chrome hardware that offers plenty of options in terms of handles or knobs!


Traditional cabinetry adds an elegant, country or cottage-style aesthetic to a kitchen. Its clean lines and simple, utilitarian design evoke nostalgic agrarian roots; Shaker style cabinet doors are often painted white for modern farmhouse aesthetics popularized by designers like Joanna Gaines. Their classic profile and recessed panel make them suitable for many different kitchen styles ranging from contemporary to transitional designs.

Slab cabinets (commonly referred to as flat-panel) offer an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, which works well in many decor styles such as Scandinavian, midcentury modern, industrial and eclectic decor. Furthermore, with no frames or panels to collect dirt and cooking grease from behind their frames or panels, slatted cabinets are easy to keep clean.

Add visual texture and warmth with tongue-and-groove construction techniques by including decorative details like beadboard backsplash or decorative wainscot panels in this straight cabinet style kitchen by including decorative features like beadboard backsplash or decorative wainscot panels. These will add visual interest and warm the space despite its sleek cabinets.


Transitional kitchens sit between traditional and contemporary design trends, featuring elements from both designs. While transitional kitchens may contain both elements, they tend to lean more toward contemporary without overtly so. Shaker cabinets work especially well when combined with contemporary hardware, colors, or details – for instance Shaker doors mimic traditional cabinetry while looking good when combined with more contemporary hardware, colors or details.

Transitional kitchen experts often recommend opting for neutral color palettes and smooth surfaces in transitional kitchen designs. Natural unfinished wood tones in light tan and warm white hues work beautifully as cabinetry options, with texture being provided by materials such as sisal and hessian for an inviting aesthetic.

Transitional kitchens typically feature open shelving and pendant lighting fixtures above the island, as well as modernized versions that don’t clash with its design style. Select lights that lean more modern while avoiding industrial or oversized styles that might clash. A sleek faucet with classic lines combined with contemporary finishing can also make a difference; choose one with on-trend details for maximum impact.


Selecting a kitchen cabinet style is likely one of the most crucial decisions when remodeling your home, and trends are always shifting; therefore, it’s essential that you opt for something timeless.

Cabinet construction trends provide timeless styles that blend classic with contemporary elements. Shaker cabinet doors, for example, offer the perfect balance between modern and traditional by featuring flat panels framed with rails and stiles; you can adjust their width depending on whether or not your vibe leans more transitional or contemporary.

Other contemporary cabinet ideas include slab doors, which offer a smooth and flat surface in various finishes and look great in modern and transitional kitchens when combined with sleek hardware for an uncluttered appearance. You could also consider beadboard cabinets – which have vertical panels with uniform beads and recessed lines that create an organic, rustic ambiance and require frequent cleaning to avoid dirt accumulation – or beadboard, which requires vertical panels with recessed lines with uniform beads for organic rustic charm but requires more regular upkeep in terms of dust-removal!