The Name Brand Flooring That You Can Trust

The Name Brand Flooring That You Can Trust

Empire Flooring is a leading home improvement and residential flooring provider based in Northlake, Illinois. Empire today, LLC is an American home furnishing and house improvement company based in Northlake, Illinois. The company operations in more than 75 cities throughout the United States. Empire was started more than 10 years ago by Richard W. Thompson, a carpenter, that started selling low-cost wood flooring materials that were designed for high traffic areas such as offices and warehouses. Mr. Thompson realized that a cheaper solution was required for the areas that require a higher amount of maintenance.

The low price guarantee he obtained from a local flooring distributor convinced him to expand his business and manufacture a brand of flooring he could sell for a low price. The name-brand product that Empire introduced initially was called Quarry Carpet. As the demand increased and the low price guarantee was no longer true, the carpet was re-named Empire and it began to receive positive reviews from consumers. The positive reviews continue to this day. Today Empire floors are sold all over the world.

Although there are a lot of other carpet manufacturers in the industry today offering low price guarantee plans, nothing beats the quality and durability of the empire today offers. According to the carpet company, all of their products, whether they are branded or not, undergo quality tests before they are released to the market. The result is a long-lasting, hard-wearing, and stain resistant carpet that can also be used in high traffic areas.

Another wonderful advantage of using carpet flooring made from Empire is that you can create your home fresh and modern at the same time. The carpets are available in various textures and colors to add more style to your home. They are also well suited for smaller homes and apartments as well. Empire’s quality carpets are also said to be fire resistant.

Another reason to purchase Empire brand flooring is because it has excellent customer service. In fact, you can place your order online and have the carpet delivered right to your door. Empire makes it possible for you to select from a variety of designs, colors, and textures that will make your home as unique as ever. So even if you’re looking for low-priced quality flooring, you don’t have to sacrifice the individuality of your home when choosing Empire flooring.

With so many positive reviews of Empire carpets, one may think that it is hard to find good quality flooring anywhere. However, with so much customer satisfaction and feedback, customers can actually count on the carpet dealers to deliver quality carpets. You can browse the internet to find various websites where carpet dealers from around the country can be found. Once you find the dealer that offers quality carpet at the lowest prices, you can place your online order and have the item delivered to your doorstep.