Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Be it from scratch or updating an existing kitchen, these small space ideas will make it seem much bigger. From layers of lighting to creative decor pieces, there is much that you can do.

Conventional wisdom suggests keeping your kitchen light and airy, but darker schemes can still work effectively if chosen carefully. All it takes are a few key details.

Choosing the right cabinetry

If you’re replacing existing cabinets, look for ones with a slight overhang that allows kitchen island seating to fit snugly underneath them. Also consider adding features like utensil rails, hooks on cabinet doors and extra shelves in corners and alcoves that help organize your space.

Selecting the ideal cabinet color will help make a small kitchen seem larger. Pale, bright hues work best as they reflect light and illuminate the room, while darker tones should blend into your overall colour scheme seamlessly. If you do opt for darker tones, paint them the same wash as your walls so they seamlessly integrate.

Open shelving can be an ideal way to store cookware and decorative items in a small kitchen, provided they’re stored aesthetically. To avoid cluttering up the shelves even further, opt for minimalist vent hoods which reduce visual bulk on walls of cabinets.


Flooring is an integral component of kitchen design, as it can change the feel of any space by making it feel either larger or smaller, as well as add visual interest through patterns or colours.

Carefully chosen tiles can add visual interest and functionality to a small kitchen design. You could create an eye-catching geometric effect with printed tiles, or experiment with different hues that tie in with the rest of your scheme. Or choose pale hues that reflect light, drawing attention away from itself in larger spaces like open plan homes and studio apartments.

Laminate flooring can be an economical and functional choice for a small kitchen, as it’s simple to install and can resemble other forms of flooring materials. Unfortunately, though, laminate isn’t as hard-wearing as hardwood and requires regular upkeep and care.


Lighting options available to your small kitchen can greatly improve its aesthetics and feel. Lighting plays an essential role in any space as it helps brighten up shadowed areas and highlight specific features.

When lighting your kitchen, adding task and ambient lighting with recessed, backlit or LED strips under cabinets is one way to provide task and ambient illumination – as well as adding modern flair! Wall sconces also serve to provide task and ambient illumination while showing off decorative pieces in the room.

Track lighting provides both ambient and accent lighting options, while light-reflective surfaces such as metallic, glass and mirrors help spread them around the room and enhance brightness. Instead of bulky handles on cabinets for an enhanced sleekness feel, opt for push/click catches instead; this will visually elongate them and make them appear taller and wider.


Paint colors are an integral component of design for small kitchens. Lighter hues reflect natural light and visually expand a space, while darker tones add depth. Neutrals may be appropriate, but don’t be intimidated to explore bolder options and bring more personality to your space!

Consider choosing a vibrant, sunshine hue to add vibrancy and life into your kitchen. Pair this bright shade with classic wood cabinetry for an understated aesthetic, or elevate its sophistication by pairing it with natural stone or soapstone countertops.

Never rule out exploring darker options when choosing small kitchen paint colors, either. Let the Pantone color of 2022, Veri Peri, inspire your creative kitchen ideas for small spaces by adding vibrant purple accents that bring energy and life. Or play around with nature-friendly green shades such as sage to fresh fern for an inspiring design scheme. A rich cool shade like teal will also bring its own dynamism.