National Floors Direct: How to Get Your Site Ready for New Floor Installation

National Floors Direct: How to Get Your Site Ready for New Floor Installation

Whether you’re installing tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, or carpet, National Floors Direct is your top choice. As the preeminent flooring supplier and installer in the U.S., you’ll be assured of getting quality flooring, and installation for your home or business needs based on National Floors Direct Reviews. It’s essential to get your site ready before flooring installation can begin, says National Floors Direct. This is the best way to ensure expedient results as efficiently as possible. According to the experts at National Floors Direct, here are the steps to get your site ready for new floor installation, no matter what type of flooring you’ve decided upon.

Remove All Furniture

One mistake that homeowners often make is that they can just push the furniture aside while the installers do one side of the room and then move the furniture to the other side so floor installers can finish the rest of the room. In practicality, this doesn’t work. As they say in business meetings, “Give us the room.” The furniture needs to be removed from every room where flooring is to be installed.

A Simple Cleaning with a Broom

If you already have the old carpet removed from the room, you’ll have the subfloor exposed. Don’t worry about deep cleaning the floor before the installers arrive. A simple cleaning with a broom is all that’s needed. If you want to vacuum up dust bunnies, that’s okay, but there’s no need to make it spotless. Remember, the floor installation itself will create some dirt and dust.

Don’t Pull Up Carpet Tacks.

If you have had old carpet removed, don’t pull up the old carpet tacks. It’s possible that the floor installers may be able to use them, National Floors Direct says. If not, the installers will remove them and put down new carpet tack strips. Even if they are very old and damaged, don’t attempt to do this yourself, because they are extremely sharp and it’s easy to get injured without the proper tools.

Separate House Pets

If you have pets, National Floors Direct kindly requests that you temporarily either house them elsewhere or keep them locked in a separate room in the home. Pets may get frightened with the “strangers” in the home, or they may become uncharacteristically aggressive. The best thing is to keep pets away from the installation room behind a closed door.

Keep Children Off-Site

Young children are likely to be curious about the floor installation. For everyone’s peace of mind and safety, consider having youngsters stay elsewhere during the floor installation, either at school or on a playdate, or something else. Children and power tools don’t mix, and the safety of your children is our top priority at National Floors Direct. In some cases, it makes good sense to schedule your flooring installation during school hours to make it easier for everyone. These are our best tips for ensuring that your flooring installation site is fully prepared. To order your luxury vinyl, tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring, contact National Floors Direct today.